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At First Republic, we care about our people. Founded in 1985, we offer extraordinary client service in private banking, private business banking and private wealth management. We believe that personal connections are everything and our success is driven by the relationships we form with our colleagues and clients. You’ll always feel empowered and valued here. 
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In Technology, we support First Republic’s employees and clients through the acquisition, integration and management of the Bank’s information technology systems and services. We drive innovation and explore emerging technologies so our people can be productive and focus on what matters most – providing extraordinary service.
Enterprise Development & Services, Product Development Experience
The mission of the Enterprise Development & Services (EDS) team at First Republic is to enable and craft services that support cross-functional teams, platforms, and Bank lines of business (LOBs). This encompasses development of discrete microservices for internal customers and external integration partners, as well as the foundational architecture and platform work to enable that work amongst our internal development partners.
Within EDS, the purpose of the Product Development Experience team is to empower our over 400 software developers, product owners, program managers, and project managers by enabling them to leverage the secure and compliant languages, toolchains, and platforms that make them most productive, while assisting in systematizing the operational aspects of building, deploying, and supporting the software they build.
We’re building out a PaaS based on AWS, OpenShift, Vault, and in-house software, supporting a mix of microservices and vendor-based solutions. The goal is to allow developers to be as productive as possible, guiding them towards modern DevSecOps processes (i.e. autonomous full-stack teams, continuous deployment, end-to-end automation), as well as help them navigate the constraints of working in the financial industry (e.g. security and regulatory concerns).

Duties and Responsibilities

What you’ll do as a Director and Team Lead in Enterprise Development & Services:
-  Focus on our product and developer experience initiatives building a platform that our users not only find value in but also which is enjoyable
- Own the execution and delivery output of the team
- Collaborate with product managers and customer stakeholders to discover, define and prioritize work to best provide business value
- Participate in and guide team development efforts
- Provide technical leadership to the team through coaching and mentorship
- Identify and advocate for areas of team growth and improvement
- Excel at communicating that execution and delivery to stakeholders
- Build critical working relationships with team stakeholders and internal customers


- 10+ years of experience of software engineering experience
- 2+ years of building and administering distributed applications using a cloud platform
- Work experience at the intersection of one or more cloud platforms and feature delivery of complex systems
- 3+ years of experience managing a team of 5 or more people
Desired Personal Qualities
- Curiosity and intellectual honesty
- Patience with how an environment is currently, with an eye towards refactoring the environment into what it should be
- Detail orientation and craftmanship
- A desire to solve real business problems
- Determination and fearlessness working outside your comfort zone
- Bias towards action and an ability to work autonomously while navigating uncertainty
- Empathy for our clients and stakeholders in both technology and business roles
- Willingness to drive cultural change
We’re looking for breadth and the ability to solve problems, including technical ones, but also problems with process, culture, people, and teams. Some examples of skills that are very useful:
- Programming skills: We do a lot of automation, so you should have some depth in one or more programming languages. We’re using Python, Golang, JavaScript/TypeScript, C#, Java, along with a smattering of shell scripting, Groovy, and others where needed.
- SRE/Operational skills: We bridge between developers and operations teams, so knowledge of operating production systems is important (i.e. networking, high-availability, scaling, disaster recovery, monitoring, alerting, etc).
- Cultural/Business skills: Pivotal to this role is building the relationships and partnerships across teams to gain trust, and working through influence, to ensure that problems get solved even when they’re not directly under our control.
Our Tools
There are a lot of tools in play, and we can’t expect candidates to know them all. Here’s some examples to give you a flavor of what we do:
- Kubernetes: OpenShift (RedHat’s Kubernetes distribution), Docker, Helm and other container tools
- CI/CD tools: Artifactory, Jenkins, HashiCorp Vault, Spinnaker, etc.
- Cloud: AWS, Terraform, Ansible
- Operational: NewRelic, Splunk, AquaSec, SonarQube, Codacy, etc.
- Operating Systems:Our deployment target is mostly Linux, but we support developers using Windows, Mac, and Linux
- Supported platforms:js, SpringBoot, .NET Core, Python/Flask, front-end frameworks (Angular, Vue, React, etc). Really anything that can run in a container.
- Databases:Postgres, MongoDB (Atlas), MS SQL Server, Snowflake

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